Thursday, June 2, 2011

Reeling Over R.E.U.S.E. Jeans

Finding a great pair of jeans can be tricky if not downright frustrating, so finding a great pair of eco-friendly jeans may sound near impossible; R.E.U.S.E Jeans has made a believer out of me - it is possible! 

The most apparent thing I noticed the first time I set my hands on some of their jeans was the quality.  The jeans are put together with care, the colors are appealing, and the fabric feels great.  But one thing I didn't expect was how good they feel on.  They're made of 80% recycled cotton, 17.5% fresh cotton, and 1.5% spandex.  Since there's a hint of spandex in them, they move with me.  I don't feel like I have to battle to get them on, even styles such as the ReMembered straight leg and the ReDiscovered bootcut, both of which hug the thighs.  In my experience, jeans with any spandex in them are usually sagging and bagging by midday.  I start feeling like the seat of my pants has taken off to find my knees.  But the R.E.U.S.E. Jeans stay comfortable all day without giving me elephant wrinkles.  They don't feel restrictive, either.  Instead, I feel like I look darned good, period.

The detailing in the jeans also adds flair and something distinctive from others.  I love the detailing on the  ReDiscovered, that great embroidery on the back pockets.  ReMembered has some great embellishments too, complete with decorative fraying.

If you like a more conservative look, you might consider dressing it up a bit with the Reunited in white.  These super white jeans are a fabulous summer choice that I love to wear with brightly colored tops and my favorite strappy heeled sandals.  The design is more simple with a subtle logo on the back pocket, and just as comfortable as their indigo counterparts.

When thing heat up, you can reach for a pair of R.E.U.S.E. ReCreated shorts.  Again, gorgeous styling, quality fabric, and an attention to detail.  I love the Navy blue (also available in khaki and white) and the buttonfly with matching rivets.

R.E.U.S.E. Jeans makes men's and women's jeans and other denim apparel out of recycled cotton, which is rescued from textile industry waste.  In 2006, that textile waste reached a shocking 11.8 million tons.  Finding ways to recycle that fabric and make it into something useful, even beautiful, is what makes R.E.U.S.E. impressive.  Their forward thinking, paired with desirable and comfortable styling, makes for an unbeatable combination.




  1. Been looking for some ecofriendly jeans - thx! Found a store near me in their store locator. Will visit and try 'em!

  2. Those jeans sounds amazing.. how many do you have?! don't lie.. hahaha
    Lee x

  3. I think the best answer would be "Not enough!" ;)

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  5. the 2nd one is really cool would love to get my hands on it someday if I can find it.


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