Monday, June 6, 2011

Jedidiah - Clothing with a Cause

It's easy being a fan of fair trade and eco-fashion when so many of the companies work for a greater cause; in the case of Jedidiah, it's more than one.  That's because each year, they pick a new and meaningful cause to support through the sales of their surf clothing and streetwear fashion.  This year, their mission is to raise $50,000 for World Vision in an effort to provide a special first refuge for children rescued from trafficking and sexual exploitation.  The 2011 Summer lineup is inspired by Aaron Chang's trip to Cambodia to learn more about how World Vision is helping in this area.
The gorgeous Tiger Tee
One result of that inspiration is their Women's Tiger T-Shirt.  This short-sleeve v-neck has a gorgeous tiger sketch I simply can't get enough of.  The fabric is a heather burnout with great lightweight texture perfect for summer; I wear mine on its own or with a cami underneath.  It has a cool, edgy look when worn with my favorite faded jeans or shorts and some earthy chunky sandals.  If you get this one, expect to be asked, "Where'd you get that shirt?"  Its artistically appealing design opens doors to tell people about Jedidiah's mission to support World Vision, and how the purchase of a t-shirt makes a difference.

Jedidiah creates great streetwear for both men and women, the men's array being rather extensive.  Here, the guys have a selection of boardshorts, tank tops, even jackets.

For clothing with a cause, surf over to Jedidiah and stay awhile.
You'll be glad you did.

The streets of Cambodia - Inspiration to Jedidiah

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  1. Love that tiger design! Very cool indeed.


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