Thursday, May 26, 2011

Free Range Kids' Tee by Autonomie Project

If you've got organically grown kids, then this Free Range Kids' Tee by Autonomie Project, in partnership with Little Green Radicals, is the perfect way to announce the organic goodness of your young chick.  Made of 100% Fair Trade-certified organic cotton with eco-friendly dyes, the bright, bold colors of this tee made it an instant favorite at our house.  The tee is soft, comfy, and washes well - which is a big plus, since it will no doubt be in frequent use.

Autonomie Project is a sweatshop-free, eco-friendly clothes and footwear line for men, women, and children.  They work with small independent cooperatives and fair trade-certified facilities around the world, putting forth a portion of their funds to help build up those communities through, say, improving the water supply or building a health clinic.  

Tees feature a variety of messages concerning current social issues such as veganism and global warming.  Yes, the tees themselves are vegan friendly - and they may warm your heart, but not the earth.

The shoe line is made by Ethletic, a UK brand that carries 100% vegan, organic, eco-friendly, and Fair Trade.  Check out the rain boots on the left.  This style is sprouting up everywhere (even on dry, sunny days where I live), and these natural rubber "Green Tips" are the perfect alternative to undesirable plastics.
And if you find the perfect alternative to driving is riding your bike, you gotta have the Bike Fish tee.  This one comes in both men's and women's sizes.  So, whether your kids are free range, or it's you on your bike, Autonomie Project has you covered.

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  1. Love the free range! How cute. Also I noticed a lot of the rainboots around here too, and I kept wondering about all the plastic. This makes a lot of sense. Once upon a time, they were all made of real rubber, right? I'd just wear mine in the rain. no sunny days in boots for me even though theyre cute!


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